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Road Trip 2009

   2009 Road Trip

On the way to Utah

John Wayne's Birthplace

John Wayne's Birthplace
Shelly, Lori, Marta, Nick & Sophie

The Duke and Lori

Cover Bridge of Madison County
Lori, Nick & Shelly

Pony Express Station

John in Oshkosh, NE

Tree in the Rock

Driving down the road

BIG Ice Creem Cone

Lori & Elvis

On the road

Rain ahead

In Salt Lake City

Light Rail

Lori & Nick - Light Rail

Lori on the Light Rail

Marta & Carrianne...


Chuck and Renee's Wedding


Chuck & Renee

Allen Colleen Renee & Chuck


Park City, Utah

Nick - Olympic Center

Nick the Olympic Skier

Red Banjo Pizzaria

Park City

 License Plate Game
All 50 states and  the District of Columbia were found during our Road Trip.  Rhode Island was the last state found.



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