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Christmas 2004 Newsletter

Christmas 2004 Family Newsletter







“For nothing is impossible with
 God. ...I am the Lord’s servant,
and I am willing  to accept
whatever he wants.”
Luke 1:37-38


John has been working as a part-time school bus driver, but mostly he is staying home taking care of the family. He continues to play golf with his Saturday group and follows college (Badgers) and pro (Packers) football in the fall.



Lori has been busy working at the hospital putting in many hours. She has been working hard on her garden is past summer.




Marta is now twelve years old. She is now in Junior High School! She is still in band and plays the flute. She continues to do well in school (straight A‘s this past quarter). She went on a Mission Trip this summer with the Middle School group from church.



Sophie turned eight years old this month (12/16) and is in 2nd grade. She likes playing with her friends. She continues to like science and took "Junior Space Explorers" class in Summer Academy and Mad Science after school this past spring and fall. She also likes sports and was in 1st and 2nd grade basketball clinic this fall.


Nicholas is five years old now and in kindergarten. He enjoys school a lot and has made new friends. His best friend is Bradley who also is in Nick’s class at church. He enjoys playing on the computer and taking pictures with the camera.



John, Lori, Marta, Sophie & Nicholas

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